Becky Meyer Pourchot

I Look Better in Binary

Book CoverBecky Meyer Pourchot is a master storyteller, using her experiences growing up in the 1980's as a Jewish girl in the Midwest, to create a picture of a thoughtful, somewhat neurotic, yet hysterically funny girl.

In Pourchot's debut book I Look Better in Binary: Childhood Stories she offers a collection of stories where her (mis)adventures through puberty become fertile ground for both side-splitting humor and heartbreaking truths about life.

From an early attempt to become a Gypsy fortune teller to a teenaged discovery of the wonders of ham (and the guilt that went along with it), I Look Better in Binary delivers wildly entertaining stories of family, friends, and the awkwardness of childhood.

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About the Author

Becky Meyer Pourchot was a writer before she knew she was a writer. She was the kid who could tell scary stories at a Halloween party, giving everyone goose bumps, then the next day proudly make her family laugh at the dinner table. In her debut book, I Look Better In Binary, Becky draws on her childhood experiences as a Jewish kid growing up in the Midwest to create a collection of short stories that are, at once, hilarious and touching. Becky credits her family, friends, and one special teacher for the encouragement she needed to become the writer she is today.

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