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Announcing the winners of the Hungry Ghost Book trailer challenge!!!

Much thanks to Ms. Corrine Shaefer and all the students in her I3 program at Flagler Palm Coast High School, Palm Coast, Florida.

Meghan, Haylee, Briana, and Sean Kyle, Jocelyn and Anthony and win for humor

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The Bright Heart Project

The Bright Heart Project

Join Becky in her quest for finding joy! The Bright Heart Project collects interviews from everyday people who have used their painful life experiences to springboard themselves into becoming stronger, more compassionate souls. The end product will be a book assembled by Becky, featuring stories of love, wisdom, and courage from people who made important changes in their lives.

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About the Author

Becky Pourchot is the author of nine books, including the popular YA paranormal Hungry Ghost series. She is a wife and a mother of three really cool kids in Flagler Beach, Florida where she finds joy snuggling with the family, walking on the beach… and most importantly dancing barefoot in the kitchen!

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A Walk Through Flagler Beach

A Walk Through Flagler Beach

Take a walk with author Becky Pourchot as she wanders happily, one Sunday morning through one of Florida’s last small beach towns. In these pages, you’ll discover some of the places and people that make Flagler Beach the cherished community it is.

A Walk Through Flagler BEach

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